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A Little Bit About Us

Mr. Krishna H. Rana founded the J.K Classes in 2012. He is qualified in Education Technology and Child Psychology and knows the need of the child. Armed with an experience of 5 years, he keeps a positive, optimistic outlook that no matter how bad or how good a students academic situation is, that it can be improved or made better through proactive responses. He is able to match the teacher requirement with the students ability. He excellently matches our best tutor to your teaching assignment before suggesting you the same and provides the best genuine tuition matching services for parents. We are an organization with a passion for helping children succeed in education... and in life.

Meet Our Founder

Krishna H. Rana
I am a dedicated person. I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities.


Our highly qualified team of faculties provides expert tuition solutions for your subject needs. We are a group of highly qualified professionals Teachers can fulfill your subject demands offering quality and benchmark study.


Swami Vivekanand said "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man". Vivekananda's definition of education is one of remarkable insight. First of all, the word 'manifestation' implies that something already exists and is waiting to be expressed.The main focus in learning is to make the hidden ability of a learner manifest.

Knowledge is inherent in a human being, like a spark in a piece of flint, and all that is needed is the strike of suggestion to bring it out. 'Manifestation' indicates spontaneous growth, provided that the impediments, if any, are removed.Potential, which is the range of the abilities and talents, known or unknown, that he was born with. 'Potential' speaks of the possibility of awakening something that is lying dormant.

Some Words from Parents


Education is an investment of a lifetime. Childs Education is very important

Parents are finding less time to tutor children

School Teachers cater to a group of students and are not individual

An experienced Home Tutor easily meets the students educational needs

There is at home convenience, daily monitoring and better results


You are looking for a Personal Mentor for your child

You believe your childs results will improve with one-one tutoring

You are a busy parent and need a Tutor to teach your kids

Your child is comfortable joining tuition centers and needs Individual guidance

Your child has little time and many subjects to handle

Tuition allows the convenience of learning at your suitable time

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